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Methods of Making Cocktails

Q.1 How Long Does the Course Take?
Ans. With this course you can take your time or push yourself through quickly. There are no constraints! The minimum it will take is 19 days.

Q.2 How many lessons is the course broken down into?
Ans. There are 18 lessons all together

Q.3 What are the course contents / topics?
Ans. The course is designed in a systematic and most practical pattern to help maximize the understanding and develop interest of its receivers. Below is the flow of topics in which the course commences.

1. Bartending then and now
2. Type of bars
3. Bar equipments
4. Characteristics of bar tender
5. Glassware
6. Bar operations
7. Types of beverages
8. Fermentation distillation
9. Methods of making cocktail
10. Liqueurs Characteristics
11. Vodka
12. Gin
13. Tequila
14. Rum
15. Beer
16. Whisky
17. Wine
18. Brandy

Q.4 How does the online bartending process work?
Ans. It’s the simplest format for one to embark on

1. Get enrolled
2. Complete all 18 lessons
3. Appear for a multi choice online test
4. Get certified

Q.5 How are the lessons designed?
Ans. The lessons are a mix of audio, visual and voice aid. That follows a consistent pattern. Every spirit topic is concluded with top 5 classic cocktails within its class. Every lesson is accessible after 24 hours of the previous lesson taken.

Q.6 What do I need to do while taking the lesson online?
Ans. As the lessons will be delivered online you need to keep in mind that there is decent internet speed available. All the lessons are in video format which makes it possible to rewind it and also pause it to make notes. Making notes is very important since it will be the only tool to revise and refer before the test.

Q.7 What happens during the test?
Ans. The test is a set of 55 simple multi choice timed questions that require a minimum of 70 % to qualify. Three attempts can be availed for successful completion of the Online Bartending Program.

Q.8 What is the certificate generation process?
Ans. After successful completion of the course a certificate will be posted at your address mentioned during the registration process. So kindly fill in the required fields correctly and appropriately.

Q.9 Is assistance provided with Work placement?
Ans. Candidates are alerted on regular bases in terms of work considering their preferences. Work is made available to students on their merits of skills and knowledge. This is a service provided to students free of cost.

Q.10 Do I need a Home Practice Kit?
Ans. The practice kit provides the right tools for the right job. It allows the students to practice their drinks. To get the most out of this course, we recommend adding a practice kit that includes the tools you will need. Our bartender practice kit contains all the items needed to mix drinks that are demoed in the course. You can purchase our complete kit at a discount when you enroll in a course combo package.

Q.11 What is your refund policy?
Ans. Refund should be requested for on or before the 5 days from the first log-in date. Refunds are credited within approximately one week of receipt of the return. Shipping, handling and transaction fees are not refundable. Course access cannot be resold or transferred to another student.

Q.12 Do I really need “Certification” to bartend?
Ans. No. However, this course will give you the knowledge you need to be a competent bartender when you get a job behind the bar or if you're just looking to impress your friends at the next party. It will also give you an edge when competing for jobs against applicants that do not have such training.

Q.13 Why the online course is so inexpensive compared to going to a physical bartending school?
Ans. For obvious reasons such as decreased overhead from not having to lease expensive buildings, and the simple fact that delivering a course via the internet is much more efficient.

Q.14 What is included with the online course?
Ans. Our high quality, web based bartending course includes instant, access to our online training program (which contains 18 lessons, hours of course video clips, voice support, interactive training tools and more!) and access to our phone, email & forum based support service. Plus, practice mixing kits, bartending books, and more can be added to any course option or purchased separately from our bartending store. There is not a better online bartending course out there, GUARANTEED!