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Methods of Making Cocktails

A great career which gets you popularity, fame, job satisfaction, and a lot of travel. Bartending is all about style, attitude and creativity. Bartenders get great visibility, respect, and also rewards for their talent from their patrons & employers.
Bartending has undergone a dramatic makeover since it began until the present day & it still is continuously being upgraded by great innovators& visionaries. Every moment of it has been full of excitement and experiences for those involved in it.
Bartending is not just limited to making and serving drinks, its about taking it to a great new level altogether. It involves showmanship, sales skills, personality, convincing skills, knowledge, and also the ability to leave lasting impression in the industry.
Latest trends in bartending are far beyond ones imagination and exceed the audience expectations COCKTAILS that can be eaten.
The location of work of a bartender at times can be very extra ordinary high up in the Sky or Deep down in the ocean a experience very few can expect at work.
Apart from working in restaurants, 5star’s, cruise, overseas, bar tenders are in very high demand at other venues too.