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Tours and Trails
Bar Brigade will help you embark on journeys to unexplored locations covering wineries, distilleries and breweries located across the globe. Our expert team have hand-picked packages for you to develop the connoisseur within yourself.

Offering excellent packages for Corporates, Connoisseurs, Tasters, Beverage Enthusiasts, Family Vacations and also for independent backpackers, and budget travellers.

And its not just that, we also offer add on packages, so if you happen to be visiting the below destinations- you can plan a day or two at your desired winery or distillery. Contact us for our suggestions and we shall guide you through our extremely affordable and the most customized experiences in the field of beverages. For larger groups tasting and appreciation experiences, packages are also offered.

Each of our below mentioned tours will be guided visits so as to ensure every visit is a learning experience which you shall cherish and remember through your lifetime.

Weekend Nashik Vineyards Tour:
Why look abroad when, Wine Tourism is buzzing in our very own vine capital of India. Nashik around 5 hrs away from Mumbai, has almost 50 wineries and exciting tasting rooms can also be a part of the visit. Another attraction is that of discounts provided on wines purchased from these wineries. Expect a 10 to 20 % discount on the MRP.
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Oktoberfest of Germany:
Oktoberfest is the world's most famous beer festival. At the same time it is a large non-permanent fun park with quite a number of rides. The Oktoberfest is an important part of Bavarian culture, having been held since 1810. Our team will help you build an itinerary for one of the most enjoyable and drinking cultures in the world. This is one package we do not encourage learning, but to have great fun.
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The Cape Wine Route:
The vineyards outside Cape Town offer superb value, with bottles for under £3. From sunset tastings against a backdrop of mountains to living in a thatched cottage overlooking the vines, we have the lowdown on where to drink, eat and stay.
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The Great Whisky Trail of Scotland:
Bar Brigade’s Great Whisky Tour will guide the ultimate whisky lover through a trail from Scotland’s capital of Edinburgh to Speyside, to Oban to Islay - somewhere en route, you will discover your favourite whisky. This trail is a not to be missed in the list for those ardent whisky drinkers.
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The Great Italian Wine Escape:
This Wine Tour includes tours to the world renowned Tuscany & Chianti regions, Barolo, Orvieto, Cinque Terre & The Amalfi Coast. Italy is an excellent destination to hone your food and wine pairing skills.
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Australian & Kiwi Wine Tours:
The Pacific Wine regions capture the rustic simplicity of country Australia, bringing together Old World food and wine culture, inevitably. The plethora of local expert enthusiasts - equal parts farmers, entrepreneur are all willing to impart their knowledge and passion to the visitors. Visits include the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Macedon Ranges, Bellarine Peninsula.
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The French Connoisseur’s Experience:
Wine tours of France – include the Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire Valley & Rhone regions of France. Barge Tours of Canal Du Midi, Burgundy, & Provence can also be offered.
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San Francisco & Napa Valley Tours:
Exploring the Californian Wine regions can be an adventure by itself. Experience it via a bike, hot air balloon, train or horseback adds elements of intrigue that can make your experience even merrier.
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German-Dutch Beer & Brewery Tours:
From Munich to Bremen to Amsterdam we can offer excellent customized experience from the traditional beer hall set ups of the beer gardens in Munich, to the processes of breweries of Cologne & Bremen ending with a visit to the world renowned Heineken brewery.
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Historic Israel Tours:
Israel’s Wine Beer & Cheese Tours will take you through the historic Golan Heights, Upper Galilee regions, Carmel, Sharon and Jerusalem Hills. Religious tours can also be curbed along with the above as well.
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